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Floscent Candle in Glass 6oz #Eclat


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The Floscent candles are 100% handcrafted, made from all natural soy wax and beeswax. Candles are blended with phthalate-free premium fragrance oils.

The Floscent candles use smokeless wicks for a clean and eco-friendly burn, wooden wicks for enhancing ambience with its crackling sounds.

All Floscent products are paraffin-free, free of chemical ingredients such as multi-supplement wax, chemical scent booster, and preservation chemicals, which help creating candles surface smoother.

Eclat is a soft and sophisticated floral fragrance with sparkling fruit notes of raspberry and violet, enveloped in its warm, white musk heart. The perfect balance between classic elegance and modernity.

Country of Origin: Made in UAE, 100% hand-made

Ingredients: Soybean Oil, Soy based Additives (Origin: USA), Fragrance Oil(Origin: UK)

Burning Time: 25~30hrs(6oz, 120g) / 40~45hrs(10oz, 200g)

  1. For very first use, let it burn 1~2 hours without stopping until edge parts get melt to prevent making deep narrow hole in the center.
  2. After putting out a candle, it is recommended to trim the burned part of wick to prevent sooty smoke at the next turn. Using a wick trimmer is recommended but it is okay to use nail cutter or normal scissor when a wick trimmer is not available.
  3. Ideal length of wick is 5mm from the top surface of the candle. If it gets too short, please drain some of melted top surface to maintain the ideal length of a wick.
  4. Using any lid to put out the candle is recommended rather than blowing it off.
  5. Safety first! Make sure to have enough air circulation. Avoid going outside or sleeping with candle light is on in the house. Keep away from hands of children and pets, especially when the candle light is on.

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